Keynote talks will be delivered by:

Prof. Marc Geers
Prof. Pedro Camanho
Prof. William Curtin
Prof. Fionn Dunne
Prof. Paul Steinmann

topical sessions


Topic sessions will be on:

  • Micromechanics of Materials from Atomistic Techniques to Crystal Plasticity Approaches
    Organisers: Prof. Amir Siddiq, Prof. Anish Roy
  • Computational Fracture Mechanics
    Organisers: Prof. Mirco Zaccariotto, Prof. Ugo Galvanetto 
  • Meshfree and Particle Methods
    Organisers: Prof. Farshid Mossaiby, Prof. Ettore Barbieri
  • Composite Materials and Structures
    Organisers: Prof. Marco Gherlone, Prof. Adnan Kefal, Prof. Albert Turon
  • Functional and Architectured Materials
    Organiser: Prof. Stephan Rudykh
  • Isogeometric Analysis
    Organiser: Prof. Panagiotis Kaklis
  • Multiscale Modeling of Materials
    Organiser: Prof. Ali Javili, Prof. Andrew McBride, Prof. Christian Linder
  • Computational Fluid Materials Science
    Organiser: Prof. Lorenzo Botto
  • Computational Modeling in Energy Harvesting
    Organisers: Dr. Claudio Maruccio, Prof. Giuseppe Quaranta, Prof. Massimo De Vittorio 
  • High-Temperature Materials and Structures
    Organisers: Prof. Konstantin Naumenko, Prof. Manja Krüger
  • Analytical Methods
    Organiser: Prof. Eduard-Marius Craciun